Some girls like to swallow cum, but then there are the downright dirty ones who like it all over their faces. It takes a special kind of girl to want to dirty up her face with creamy jizz. As she sits there, on her knees, staring at you jerking off that enormous cock in front of her. The anticipation builds and she’s itching to have her pretty little face coated in cum. She says she doesn’t want it in her hair, but her hair is everywhere, and you know that you can’t make any promises. As you start to cum, you grab a fistful of her luscious locks as cum begins to spurt out of your cock and hits her cheek. As you continue to ejaculate, it’s everywhere: her cheeks, her nose, her mouth, and her tightly shut eyes. You can’t help but think she’s more beautiful this way with her face covered with your hot jizz.

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